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About Us We think you'll love why we do what we do.

Our Mission

The mission of Autism Answers is to enhance the lives of individuals and families affected by Autism by providing resources, support, advocacy, education, and referrals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community that demonstrates public awareness, to promote understanding, and to provide an unbiased sources of information regarding all aspects of life affected by Autism.

Meet the Staff

  • Autism Answers of Louisiana founder executive director
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    Jolene BarlowFounder / Executive Director

    Jolene Walker Barlow founded Autism Answers of Louisiana in 2010. After struggling to find resources and services for her daughter Annastacia, who was diagnosed with autism in 2007 at age 4 1/2, Jolene realized the dire need for an organization that would connect families affected by autism with resources and services as well as with one another. She was able to utilize relationships that she formed and knowledge she received while working towards a Bachelor's degree in psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University to create the beginning resource lists and find services for those affected by autism. Three years later, the dream that once was Autism Answers of Louisiana has become a reality. We are proud to say that we are an organization that has roots in the autism community that span 14 years; those roots are not only professional but also personal. Jolene has built Autism Answers on her personal belief that the most powerful resource available to a family is the support and knowledge of other parents.

  • Autism Answers of Louisiana assistant director Community outreach specialist
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    Candace MathewsAssistant Director / Community Outreach Specialist

    Candace is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. She has four years of experience working as a case manager and supervisor for special needs clients. Candace is the mother of Ali, age 8, and Seth, age 10. Candace has personal experience in facing autism; Seth was diagnosed with Classic Autism at age 4. Since the diagnosis of her son, Candace struggled to find resources that would benefit her child. Autism Answers of Louisiana helped fill the gap and now has become a passion of hers. Resources were few many years ago and now her goal is to help other parents and/or caregivers receive information needed to help in caring for individuals with ASD.

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